Frequently Asked Questions

How do young people connect with Inspire Idaho?

We partner with Health and Welfare to identify those who might flourish in the Inspire Idaho context. Interested teens and young adults can also contact us here.

Does Inspire Idaho use a coaching/mentoring curriculum?

We follow a coaching methodology rooted in cultivating trust and building relationships with those we mentor. Inspire Idaho coaches are wonderful people with much to offer but focus on getting to know each person individually. Their goal is to discover a young person’s hopes and dreams and help them pursue what matters most to them. In this context, our coaches may use similar, proven resources. But we do not use a curriculum, per se.

Inspire Idaho Vocational Training helps young adults develop the character, confidence, and skills they need to support themselves and care for others. Targeted Workshops focus on resumé building, job-interviewing, healthy work-place attitude, etc. Personal mentoring helps young people develop social skills. And local businesses who become our Vocational Training Partners provide:

  • Opportunities for young adults to shadow their employees
  • Paid internships for qualified candidates
  • Employment opportunities for qualified candidates

How is Inspire Idaho governed?

The Inspire Idaho Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction of the organization. Under the board’s leadership:

  • The Executive Director oversees the Inspire Idaho vision, fund-raising, coach-equipping, staff, and community relations.
  • Trained volunteers assist with mentoring, life-skills workshops, transportation, and logistics.
  • Young people enjoy relationships with their coaches/mentors and others in the Inspire Idaho community.
  • Local Businesses provide vocational opportunities to young adults in the program.

Who funds Inspire Idaho?

Like-minded businesses, individuals, and churches provide the funds required to fulfill the Inspire Idaho vision.

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